mercredi 30 juin 2010

Phaenon | His Master's Voice

I am really happy to anounce that Phaenon's new Album [His Master's Voice] is out on Malignant Records. I have created the artwork. It has been a real pleasure working with Szymon.. !
Thanks to Szymon. Also thanks to Jason at Malignant Records.

Short Review :
After the well received debut Submerged, Phaenon follows things up with an even deeper immersion into a world of bleak, isolationist sounds. Whereas Submerged was one long and infinitely expansive drone piece, His Master’s Voice is broken up into four separate, but flowing tracks of sprawling and spacious ambient drift, laced with interstellar disturbances, probing, alien tones and icy shards of celestial debris…a whirling specter of darkness and void-ic space, thematically based upon the 1968 novel of the same name by Stanislaw Lem, which is centered around the efforts by scientists to decode, translate and understand a series of extraterrestrial transmissions. As a whole, His Master’s Voice represents a logical progression in Phaenon’s sound and is the ultimate in headphone listening. In gorgeous 6 panel digipak.

Phaenon on Myspace

Malignant Records
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vendredi 18 septembre 2009

Delyria [ album Artwork]

New Delyria album
Delyria is an Italian extreme metal band
See there

Thanks to Delyria for being so kind and friendly :)

Artwork :

lundi 20 juillet 2009

tube'|178 - Spheruleus - Tales From the Labyrinth

Drawing | front cover | July 2009
It has been a real pleasure working with Harry…
His blog
Spheruleus on Myspace
You can download the release here

Extract from the website :

«'A Labyrinth, unlike a Maze, has one clear/unambiguous/obvious route to the centre. Whereas a Maze has many complex and difficult to negotiate pathways.' - H. Towell

Although there's certainly wisdom in Towell's words, the choice of following (or not) the clear path of the labyrinth is always on the table when we initiate the journey; And here is no different: 'Tales From the Labyrinth' - the new work from Harry Towell's brainchild project Spheruleus - lays a clear path for the listener to follow, from beginning to end, but it also offers him other routes, some of which could be dead ends, making you go back to the start and re-initiate the journey. This is the perfect soundtrack translation into a music experience from what a Labyrinth is.

Towell is also right when he writes:

'The ancient ideas behind the Labyrinth were to create a spiralling pathway to the centre, where a holy shrine or statue would be. During the walk through the Labyrinth's spiralling pathway, the person making the journey would feel separated from the outside world and it would give time for reflection and to focus the mind.'

That said, the Maze's original purpose is to confuse the user into getting out of it, hiding the real way out in plain view, dissimulated. The only goal is to get out. There is nothing at the center.
The Labyrinth has clearly a goal at the centre. Close your eyes, play it loud, and use headphones to be guided all the way in.» - Pedro Leitão

mardi 24 mars 2009

ROYAL TRAIN | Royal Train

Royal Train aka Oscar Jacobsson.
Links : myspace | photoblog | Listen


THE REFRACTORS | 8 Year Sleep | Jan 2009

Subconciously political, this catalog of journal entries are a natural combination of musical space, field recordings and spoken fragments. Surreal, subtle and beautiful, this ambient suite by The Refractors shows how these California experimentalists deserve their underground following. Limited Edition 3" CD. [Dynamophone]

Links : myspace | Dynamophone | Itunes